Diwali To Clog Delhi’s Air, Particulate Matter

The most polluted city in the world is set to become worse. By tomorrow, a day after the Diwali celebrations, the level of particulate matter in the air (PM2.5) in Delhi would increase by 148 per cent due to polluting fire crackers.

A resident of Delhi, Gopal Sankaranarayanan, had argued the case of a petition against bursting fire crackers issued in the name of three infants, one of them being his own child.

“I am going away for a week. But having done enough research on this issue I must tell you the after effects (of Diwali pollution) will be there for three weeks. But I can’t escape work and my kids can’t miss school,” Mr Sankaranarayanan told NDTV.

Among the most vulnerable to the after effects of Diwali, pregnant women are advised by doctors to stay out of town when the pollution levels peak